Hotel Information:

The Murray Hotel is always looking for enthusiastic individuals who are looking to help further our mission and goals. Please see our employment page for the jobs we are hiring for. You may also apply directly by clicking here.

For the 2020 summer season, we are currently seeking any J1 and US food service workers. We are no longer in need of any H2B workers at this time. 

Please always feel free to apply as we will keep applications on file for the future. We are waiting to find out how many visas we are granted this year before conducting interviews for H2B workers. This should happen in January. Please apply on our website here and we will be in contact once we know more information. J1 visas should hear from us shortly as we do not need to wait for the government to approve those visas as we do for our H2B visas.

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to employees and to applicants for employment and will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity, age, handicap, height, weight, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, conduct of any objectionable nature or other legally protected status. 

Feel free to email or call us with any additional information or questions you may have.

 Hotel: (855) 696-8772 ext. 2
 Whatsapp: +1 (734) 330-5299 [messaging is best, calls may not be answered]

Hotel & Housing Basic Information

Mackinac Island Employee Information

The hotel is open from early May to the end of October. We hire for all throughout the season. 

If you are interested in applying, please complete our Online Employment Application. You may also send any additional information to our email. If you have any questions, please contact employment@mymurrayhotel.com.

Keep in mind we pay the highest minimum prevailing wage for H2B workers. In 2018 it was $10.40 an hour. We do not yet know the minimum prevailing wage for 2019, but it will be $10.40 or higher.

US & J1 Jobs:

Jobs we are hiring for 2020 summer season:

Food Service Worker

Hotel Clerk

Baggage Porter


Restaurant Management and Hotel Marketing Assistant


H2B Jobs:

We are currently hiring H2B candidates from Jamaica, Mexico & Colombia. We are always open to hiring others but currently, we are unable to hire from the Philipines. This due to difficulties with acquiring H2B visas from the Philipino government. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Here are the job descriptions:

H2B Baggage Porter

H2B Counter Attendant (Español)

H2B Hotel Clerk

H2B Housekeeper (Español)

Here are the 2020 job postings:



Here are the 2019 job postings (we will update the pay but all information will stay the same as 2019):

Baggage Porter

Counter Attendant

Hotel Clerk


An outline of the formal H2B process: All you will need to do is apply through us. If you are hired we will walk you through the steps of getting your visa. 

H2B new/returning Process

We will need the following documents for H2B transfer employees only: We do not need these documents until after you are hired. Please only send us these documents when we ask for them or you will need to resend them before we apply for your visas.

H2B Transfer Documents